Genius Hour #2 Blog Post Reflection

For this second Genius Hour, I choose a topic that I really really like. Originally, I wanted to talk to my peers about the M.D. diploma (the Doctor of Medicine diploma), which I was also really eager to learn about, however my twitter expert connect did not work as planned (😞) I decided to change to talk to them about steps after high school if they wanted do medical studies.







I’m really interested by medicine because I think it’s such a great feeling when a person feels like he/she impacted someone else’s live in a very positive way. Also, many people I loved passed away, and for every single one of those people, I felt extremely helpless. That is the reason why, I want to help people in need (😁) by, perhaps, saving their life or the life of their loved one(s).









This Genius Hour really helped me have an idea of what I might face after high school if I (still) want to engage in the medical field. One thing that I learned and that really surprised me was one residency based on the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. If a person chooses surgery as a residency, it will require 8 years to complete (😨). I found that really interesting because 8 years is a lot and that small number (big number in years) can discouraged people easily and quickly. Since very small, I knew I wanted to help people. Seeing big smiles (😄) on people’s faces is my motivation. Indeed, the residency takes many years to complete, but the end result is what I’m really looking forward to.






After high school, if I go through with medical studies, it will teach me patience. To be honest, I not a patient person. I believe I will be much more patient because, it’s a very lengthy process, to get to the end of real medical studies. Even after a residency, I think I will still be learning things; just maybe not in a lecture hall. It will also teach me how to put full effort in something. When I will be a medical student, I will think of the good things I will do to improve people’s lives and that will help me stay motivated to finish.


For the next Genius Hour, I wanted to do it with one of my other classmate and I thought we could raise money and than buy baby products and offer them to orphanages. Or we could donate the money to a local organization that deals with helping people in need. By doing that we will be helping many people and with that comes pride in ourselves and joy.


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