Twitter – How Did It Go?

Twitter is a powerful tool to connect with people all over the world. many other social media, Twitter can help with personal business, or
professional matter. However, in this situation, Twitter was used for
academic purposes.







For our Genius Hour, my classmates and I had to choose one a subject that we were really interested in and connect with people who knew more

 about it than we did. It was not hard for me because I have always been really interested in the M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) diploma (🎉). The process of becoming a doctor also really fascinated me, therefore, I did not spend very much time thinking about a subject. We had to follow at least 10 people and write, for each one, something that would explain why we started following them. I, then, started following Dr. Katie Page (@drkatiepage), Mrs. Susan Wehry (@CommishVT12), Mr. Abraar M. Karan (@AbraarKaran), Mr. Rusty Hofmann (@rustyhofmannMD), Mrs. Mary I. O’Connor (@MaryOConnorMD), Ms. Roxana Daneshjou (@RoxanaDaneshjou), Dr. Sharon Orrange (@Orrangemd), Dr. Paula Gordon (@DrPaulaGordon), Mr. John Gearhart (@DrG_PedsUro), Mrs. Heather Di Carlo (@heathernoellemc). 

Those people were my first 10 choices. I choose them because they all had something to do with the M.D. diploma. However, they are not all professors. When I saw that none of my 10 choices were answering me, I connected with 4 more people, who were: Mrs. Charlotte Jacobs (@cdjacobs1), Mrs. Julieta Gabiola (@doctorjette), David Snadden (@dsnadden) and Mr. Peter R. Eby (@PeterEbyMD).

After I having a total of 14 experts, I had to choose 10 of them to ask questions of them questions that could provide me with more information, which will help me have more information and knowledge on my subject. For example, I asked “Hello , what is the next step after getting the M.D. diploma?” or “Hello , are there specific differences between an M.D. and a D.O.?” and I even asked question that required to be answered by an opinion such as, “Hello , what would be 1 advice for people who want to start studying to get an M.D diploma?” I formatted my question in a way that will fit the number limit that Twitter has set, but at the same time, still asking them politely. 

When I was asking those questions, I was really excited to get answers(😀). I was excited not only because I will have more information to share with my classmates, but also, as I stated, this topic is a topic that I really like. I want, one day, to get my M.D. diploma. So getting information was a really big deal for me. However, one of of 10 of the experts I asked my questions answered me. I got a reply from Mr. David Snadden (). I said, “Hello , what subjects do a students studying medicine NEED to know very well?” and he replied by saying, “ do you mean those studying medicine or those that want to study medicine” and I said, “ Those who want to study medicine.” I said that because I was kind of relating to my situation and he then answered  by saying, “ each medical school is slightly different, you need to look at their admissions web sites.” and then I like the reply as we were supposed to do. Even though I did not quiet get the answered I was hoping for(😞), it was better than getting nothing at all.

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