The Pros and Cons of Being In A Community

There are pros and cons to everything in life, especially when it comes to living with other people.

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Since everyone is different and thinks differently, living in a community can bring new ideas, that could contribute to its growth. For children, also, it can  be fun to have other children around to play with. Another positive aspect about community is that everyone knows everyone, which creates “a family”. Not by blood, but by choice. Also, in a community, people are somewhat united. United, but not to the point to, perhaps, die for each other.


Unfortunately, there are also cons to being in a community. One negative outcome can be that some people sometimes need privacy and in a community, it’s sometimes not easy to get; when you are always surrounded by people. One other disadvantage can occur when there is a fight and parties can come to live, which can destroy the whole community. Also, there will be exceptions, and if someone does something that is not liked by everyone, there are more changes that the person gets judged and, worst case scenario, rejected.

To conclude, there are positive and negative outcomes to living with other people.


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