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The blogs I chose to visit were very interesting. One was about moderating the consummation of junk food, the other one was about being proud of where we come from and the last one was 2 very well written poems.

The first blog post, about junk food was very interesting because I got to read something that was written from someone with another prospective, which was really cool. Some people will say that eat junk food will not harm you, however, it does. On that post, I said: “I really liked your blog post and I totally agree with what you said. But also, I think you should still eat some fast food, however, not too much. Anyways, your post is very well written.” I believe that we should still eat junk food, but just a little bit.


The second blog was about being proud of where we come from and the writer talked about being proud of being filliping. I commented: “Oh My God… Words cannot even express how much I love this blog post. I think it’s a great thing to love where we come from, especially if it is something that cannot be changed and that will stick with us until the end of our life. I love love love this post 🙂 Stay proud!” I think it is an amazing thing that she loves where she comes from, especially if it is something that will be with her wherever she goes.

Finally, in the last blog post, there were 2 poems. I really liked both of them. They were really well written and easily understood. I commented: “I really liked both of your poems, but the one that I really really REALLY liked was the second one. It’s funny and bold! No one can speak the truth like you 😂 You write amazingly well. Keep it up!” The one I liked the most was the second one because it was very creative.

All the blog posts I visited very interesting.


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